Iskoristimo danas / Make the most of today

Budim se…jutro kao I nakon svake druge noći, svaki san ne stane  izranjanjem sunca. Dan, nova avantura koja čeka da pokaže  šta je to danas spremno za mene. Šta je to što će danas obilježiti moje postojanje ovdje. Nikada nije isto…ponekad se jutrom odmah osjećam zarobljen u ispunjavanju obaveza, bez vremena da mislim, da pogledam okolo, upijem okolinu i prenesem njene ljepote na svoja osjećanja. Kao da smo svi u toj kutiji zvanoj život, samo tu da bi se budili, gledali pravo niz sebe i ponovo tonuli u snove bez obaziranja na okolinu. Bez obaziranja na ono što ovaj svijet čini lijepim, bez obaziranja na trenutak u kojem se nalazimo. Kažu da samo oni koji uspiju gledati van tog kalupa mogu uživati u svemu, kažu da su oni ti koji uspijevaju, ti koji zgrabe svaki momenat i učine ga svojim. Želim okrenuti glavu od budućnosti, ali ne na način da je ignorišem jer bi to bilo glupo I nemoguće ili da zaboravim da novo sutra donosi obavezu, već da uživajući danas sutrašnju obavezu učinim jednostavnijom. Provodimo vrijeme pripremajući se za sutra, ali ne shvatamo da taj trenutak koji imamo danas neće biti tu, kada se pojavi sutra, sve što nam onda ostane je žaljenje što nismo učinili nešto što smo mogli učiniti ali je sada kasno jer je trenutak koji smo trebali iskoristit prošao. Onda se samo nadamo da će opet doći i pogled nam je usmjeren ka isčekivanju tog trenutka, a dani prolaze  i sve lijepe stvari u njima budu zaboravljene jer tražimo trenutak koji smo izgubili. Bog nam je dao cilj, ali nam je naredio da učimo, čitamo i proučavamo…da trenutke oko nas iskoristimo kako bi znali bolje, da vrijeme provedeno ovdje iskoristimo kako bi se pripremili za sutra…ovaj život je jedan dan, onaj život je drugi…iskoristimo danas, da bi uživali sutra….

I wake up, morning just like after any other night, every dream is dispersed by the rising of the sun. New day, new adventure awaiting to show what’s in store for me today. What will mark my today’s being here. It is never the same…with almost every morning I feel immediately trapped in fulfilling the obligations, without any time to think, to look around, embrace the environment and carry its beauty over to my feelings. As if we were all trapped into that box called life just to wake up, look straight down and then again submerge into our dreams without noticing our surroundings. Without noticing the things that make this life beautiful, without paying attention to the moment we’re in. they say that only those able to look outside that mold can enjoy everything, they say that they are the ones who succeed, those who seize the moment and make it theirs. I want to turn my head away from the future, but not in the way of ignoring it as it would be foolish and impossible or to forget that a new tomorrow brings new obligations but by enjoying today’s I make tomorrows simply easier. We spend our time getting ready for tomorrow, not realizing that the moment we have will not be there tomorrow, all we have left then is the regret for not doing something we could have done because now it’s late as the moment we should have seized has passed. We than hope that another one will come again and our sight is set to hoping and awaiting of that moment and the days go by and all those beautiful things in them  are forgotten because we are looking for that same moment we lost long ago. God gave us a task, but also obliged us to learn, read and study…so that we can make the best of every moment given to us, so that we can know better, to use time here and now to prepare ourselves for tomorrow…this life is one day, the afterlife is another one…make the most of today so that we can enjoy tomorrow….

5 thoughts on “Iskoristimo danas / Make the most of today

  1. Hi, I’ve just followed you over from my blog – I’m glad you liked my post. You share similar sentiments in your writing here – I very much relate and agree. Life is more than just a box to fit ourselves into and fulfill its obligations… appreciating the moment is important.

    • Well thanks firs of all…I hope I’ll get to read some more of your writings…I’ll be updating my blog daily, I’ll be translating all the texts except the poems which I don’t want to mess up by translating…other than that…I appreciate your comment and hope to hear from you soon…

  2. Good post, enjoyed your words as well as the video clip. It is true, we get so wrapped up thinking of yesterday or tomorrow, that we forget today and the present moment. If we lived enjoying each day to its maximum, we would be happier people, and this planet would evolve faster and with less friction.
    Also, thanks for stopping by. To reply to your post, here are a few reads that I recommend. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, How I write by Janet Evanovich, Grit for the Oyster, a copy of the Writer’s Market, Keys to Great Writing by Stephen Wilbers. These are some of the books that I enjoy and have helped and inspired me as a writer.

  3. I completely agree! I’m guilty as charged! Sometimes I just get so consumed by some things that have happened to me in the past that I take the great things in my present for granted. That was a very honest blog…

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    This is one of my earlier posts, when I started this blog. It is bilingual as all the earlier posts were. I had to do a Reblog for the newer followers. Hope some can relate.

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