A Very Brief and Vulgar Reaction to Orwell’s Animal Farm (via (Mis)readings)

I have found a blogger who writes about topics that matter to me pretty much. Being a student of English language and literature this was one of the topics discussed in my final year of studies. And this post sums up the notion of revolution, reform, Stalinist communism, equality and much more, not only the post about the book, but the book itself, it is a recommended reading material.

A Very Brief and Vulgar Reaction to Orwell's Animal Farm Rereading George Orwell’s Animal Farm last month made me realize how effective the text works as an attack of the Stalinist regime of the former Soviet Union. In the standard reading of the novel, it is construed not only as a critique of the specific example of the excesses of Stalin but the entire project of social transformation. The underlying premise of how every revolt is bound to end up in greater oppression rather than liberation has made … Read More

via (Mis)readings

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