Where’s the fun gone?

I wanted to do this earlier but I kinda never sat down to do it properly. I mean there wasn’t much to talk about except that France and Italy dropped out of the World Cup in group stage and that England and Portugal followed soon after. And the World Cup’s most interesting feature is still the vuvuzela which even made Youtube add a little button that looks like a ball which gives you the feeling of being in the Soccer City stadium once you press it.

A thing that is worth mentioning when it comes to sports is that EPIC Wimbledon match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut which went to fifth set that went on to be played for a “while”. It lasted longer than previous for sets put together and with it all records fell, most points in one match, most ace serves in one match, the longest match (of corse) and it ended with 70:60 for Isner in the 5th set, and yes you’re reading it correctly 70:68 and it wasn’t a basketball game.

After that it all came down again to listening to the vuvuzelas and watching 20 men chasing a ball with two more standing between goalposts trying to keep the ball out of the net. It is kind of dull this World Cup even for me who is a football fanatic.

that’s why every now and then I come here find something interesting and post it to my blog, share my thoughts with you. I know you don’t give a damn about what I think but I’ll tell it anyway. It’s the dullest World Cup since I remember, and I watched my first World Cup in 1994, well at least that’s the one I can remember.

Oh and one more thing, Top Gear’s back. The midlife crisis heroes chasing the childish dream of “more poweeeerrrr” are back on the telly. In their one hour show packed with automotive awesomeness they push the boundaries of reasonable…even though this year the’ll be more serious. Just watched the first show of the series and boy I loved it. For anyone that hasn’t heard of Top Gear, well it’s the show that’s better than Fifth Gear.

Anyway that’s enough for today, and here are some things we miss in this World Cup. Fun!!!

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