I’m Back

Hello dear readers, hope you missed me. Or maybe you haven’t but anyway I had a few things on my mind today, and since I haven’t written anything for a couple of days it looked like this entry is going to be huge. So I thrashed the “script”.  So instead of piling it all into one big post I decided to divide the topics and talk about each and every one of them separately. In this one though I thought I give you an idea about what went on this weekend in my head, in my life and around me, even though the weekend hasn’t yet finished.

So let’s start with friday afternoon. I went out with a friend to discuss some things (apart from being my friend he’s my boss so we talked business). But the funny thing is, that by having similar views we quickly agreed on a few things we had to discuss  and turned to jokes and things like that. But one thing I heard, that kind off made me LOL 🙂 was the story about a little 3 year old girl and her older brother who keeps bullying her, so to get even she sneaked into his room and crapped n his pillow. She’s three years old, that’s insane, but damn funny.

Now on saturday I went out to watch that Argentina-Germany quarter final encounter, and after Ghana and Uruguay played a fascinating, thrill packed match just the night before I thought this one is going to be a bit crappy, sort of. I was wrong that german team with Muller (among others, I simply mention him because, Maradona, the Argentine coach, thought that Muller was a ball boy when he saw him in the press room and refused to take a seat until Muller left the press room) dismantled Argentina, like they dismantled England in the last 16 round. So another fun day.

And today, today it’s all about MotoGP and Wimbledon finals, Berdych vs Nadal, I’m sure we’re in for a treat, and tonight with the second episode of Top Gear’s season 15, there is no better way to finish the weekend, is there? Well maybe there is if you’re not a sport loving petrol head, but you don’t really matter 🙂

Anyway, things that went through my head, well you’ll have chance to read it during the course of the coming week, let’s just finish todays post with this kid getting tormented by the post and a ball.

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