Love your past

If you’re in here to read about gossip and what people speak about you, you’re in the wrong place simply because (I’ll use a line from a friend of mine) you’re adopted and no one likes you. That’s the general opinion about you. So let’s move on.

Last week I was out with my friends and one of them mentioned how we should embrace our past in order to progress to the future. I wanted to be political, philosophical about this and write a work of art, but I’m actually in a more sensible mood, normal, without any urge to lie or say a lot of words that have no meaning. It caught my ear simply because it really is true. We can’t forget about it, the past, simply because it happened and it will always be there, and we have no option of altering it. But from time to time things we done that we don’t want others to know come to surface and get us into awkward situations that we didn’t want to be in. Maybe because we are afraid or ashamed of our past actions. I had those moments, but I simply accept them. In the end I have accepted the world for what it is, I accept people for who they are, now the world and the people should accept me for who I am, with all my virtues and flaws. It is as simple as that, embrace your past, love it, make it work for you, learn from it.

And the next time someone comes and tells how you used to suck your toes in public, show you a picture of you wasted, naked, or the picture of the moment of your adoption…stay calm, relax, smile it is you, you can’t change it, but you can make people understand and accept you for who you are, with all the things you carry from the past.

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