Quick update

Hey guys, for all those who came and saw the same old post for the past few days, I must say I’m sorry, the Internet company messed something up, and I’ve been calling and waiting for 4 days now for someone to come and fix it but no one is coming, so I hope you’ll understand and I’ll try to make it all up to you, I promise!

For those who were asking what I’m up to, go check my Youtube channel and see for yourselves.

Take care!

2 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. drug… ne moras ti bas svaki dan da se oglasis… ne uzimaj to sebi previse k srcu… to sto se zove daily rant, ne znaci da bas mora biti daily… moze znaciti rant onog dana kada pises 😉

    • ma razumijem ja to apsolutno 🙂 ono je vise bilo obracanje telecomu…evo nakon 11 dana naponon napravishe taj net, mislim da su zaista i prvi i zaisa daju vise…al nervoze 🙂

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