My fears

As I wrote last time, I’m a bit anxious lately, apparently for no reason but it’s like that. It’s a lot better today but since I spoke to you about that anxiety I wanted to reach out and tell you more about the things I’m scared of. Don’t abuse the knowledge 🙂

To start off the story I’ll “mention” my greatest fear of all. Water. As a toddler I had an “accident” with my uncle. To cut the story short we skidded off track and landed in the river, well not completely, the front of the car was in the water, and the rest was out on dry land. We stopped because the construction wire or how you call it wrapped around the back left wheel, which was the reason for the off track experience. I starred at the river, which was pretty deep, petrified of it. That’s was as much as I remember. My mom and my couple of months old sister were in the back seat so I guess that contributed to the later developing fear of loosing my loved ones. Anyway now days I hate swimming, I can swim but I don’t go too far into the water, well not in places where the water is too deep for me to stand on my feet with my head above my water anyway.

That second fear is loosing my family and people I love but I guess that’s what everyone is afraid of. It’s natural I guess.

One more I’m going to mention, something most people didn’t know and laughed at me when I told them about it is my fear of closed spaces. Let’s say I’m a bit claustrophobic. I hate elevators, tight spaces, and specially the shower. I never close the door of the shower if the “bot” has one and I don’t pull on the curtain because I just can’t stand it. Mix that close space and water and you can guess what my worst fear is, getting drowned in a shower 🙂

And yeah hight. I’m sure most of you have seen shows where you can stare down from buildings like Empire State Building or that new tower building in Dubai. I almost threw up when they showed how high that highest point is and how everything bellow looks so tiny.

So to top it off I’d say that my worst fear would be getting locked up in a small shower on some type of a plane 15 000 feet up in the sky. That would suck big time.

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