Bare with me

Hello world, once again I’ve been gone for a while. I guess it became a habit since one of my mates told me I don’t really have to write every day so I took it as an advice and  lived it to the fullest. 🙂 Anyway the time of your waiting has passed, I’m back and we are off to more writing adventures.

The main reason why I have’t been around so much is actually my inner lazy Ado :). I always found some excuses to stay away from the blog, which is as you will probably learn over time, typically me. But I kinda gathered some inspiration, or rather some things have happened that I have to mention and write about.  First of all I was on a job search again, and came home with something so this time off from blog was a bit productive in that way.

But if we forget about that there was a weekend, actually the last weekend that stick in my mind. I went on a trip with my beautiful girlfriend and a bunch of friends and unknown people. We visited beautiful places and had loads of fun. That is mostly the reason I’m feeling cheered up and willing to take some time to write. I made some videos but they won’t hit Youtube in that Youtube fashion of instant filming and uploading ..I’ll take my time with it, and once it’s out you’ll get the link to my channel. For now here are some pictures for you to check out. Those are just the things we saw on our way.

The pictures in the gallery are there to be viewed not copied. I don’t own them 😉 And I didn’t show any pictures of myself as you know how a feel about water and hight, I din’t want you to see my terrified face expression. This was part of my rehabilitation process 😛

Anyway, talk to you soon. Have fun people, the world is a fun place.

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