What motivates you?!

Jeste li se ikada zapitali koliko vaše riječi utiču na druge. Koliko nešto što ste izjavili smeta ili ohrabri one koji to čuju? Koliko vi “padnete u očima” drugih zbog zlobnog razmišljana na glas?! Ako niste i ne morate, ja sam to uradio za vas, kao i uvijek. Naravno moje i vaša mišljenja ne moraju biti ista ali možda vam dajem prave smjernice za dalje razmišljanje.

Znate za onu izreku  “što ide dođe”?! U mom slobodnom prevodu to bi bilo nešto kao ako nekog levatiš izlevatit će neko i tebe. Bukvalac sam ali je činjenica da obično stvari koje uradimo, bile one loše ili dobre uvijek se na neki način vrate.

So I stopped there, and went to bed, with the thought lingering in my mind all the way to the point when I went to sleep and completely forgot about it. For those who wonder what thoughts those have been, well it’s a little bit about, what goes around comes around saying….your thoughts are welcome, I was just too disappointed in people to comment on it any further.

Instead of that I had something else in mind. Goals in people’s lives. I’m a goal setter but a first class underachiever. Not that I can’t achieve, but that I’m to lazy to motivate myself and do it. I’m one of those who needs someone to yell at me all the time, shout instructions (even though I don’t need any) so that I can get angry, mostly at myself for being to lazy and underachieving and go ahead and do the job, whatever it might be.

So I went to bed again. Next morning I woke up motivated and everything. Firing on all cylinders. Got down to studying, finished up my designated task at work and was again at the starting point of a new one, and I had to think of a way of motivating myself without having someone shout at me because my ears are kind off tired of it. So I wen’t for a walk, looking at people, looking at their appearances, trying to figure out, by that first impression, which I mentioned in one of my rants earlier, who people are, do they have goals. I ended up with my mind full of flashbacks to people I know, to their flaws and virtues and to myself as someone who sees two futures of himself. How you might wonder? Well it is simple, if I pull through with finishing up college and getting a real job then I’ll be where I want to be, a decent family man with a decently paid job and a calm enjoyable future up ahead. If I don’t, well I’ll be like every other smart ass in this country, being smart about everything, giving lectures to everyone, and going back home (if I’d have one) going to sleep hungry, frustrated and alone knowing the fact that I’m no one and I that I haven’t achieved anything.

So you think about it too, what motivates you, isn’t the “wished for case” or the “worst case” scenario a nice way to get your arse up and get busy?!

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