Weird humor

So my old man brought some pears back home today and it wouldn’t be something worth telling about if it wasn’t for a little detail on one of them. See I didn’t notice anything wrong with any of them since my mother washed them and put them in a bowl of some sort and placed it on the table. But when I got to eating the I usually choose the biggest to be the first to go down my throat. After picking it I was in for a bit of a surprise, someone actually “carved” a “Svastika” in one of ’em. Funny, or at least I thought.

As you can see it isn’t really finished. Probably whoever was carving it in didn’t have the time to finish it. Or the shop owner caught him/her before the magnificent work of art was finished. I say magnificent but you know I don’t mean it in any positive way.

It is that weird sense of humor our people have here. Recently a friend of mind more thoroughly investigated the issue of translating curse words from English into Bosnian language. The thing is it can be awkward at times since the tolerance threshold in one language might not be the same as in the other one. The thing is that in Bosnian language jokes, curse words or humor in general is a bit raw. Shouldn’t have said a “bit” raw because it isn’t just raw, it is vulgar, disgusting and wrong at times. But that’s who we are. Things that might sound bad or might have a stronger meaning other than just a joke in English language, where they become strongly offending can be seen as mild prank curses in Bosnian language. We are a kind of a weird nation, aren’t we?! Well whoever is reading this, don’t be surprised, this has no deeper meaning, there are no Nazis here (apart from probably 25% of the country’s population) and it doesn’t mean that a new Racist war against the World is about to start. None of it. This was someone having fun at the store somewhere.

And for the 25% of the population that is Racist or Nazi…those are the same old pillocks who lead the Balkans into a war. Forget about them for the moment, they are busy stealing from the poor people of this country.

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