It is gone

It disappeared the same way it gt on to the pear. Well not exactly, I ate it. I wanted to post pictures of it on here but all I could capture is my nose so I didn’t want to give you that satisfaction. If you think you’d laugh you’re wrong. My nose is way better than yours.

What it got me thinking is how things come and go. They are there one moment and gone the other. To take a more serious approach to the issue I will talk about the svastika on the pear. If you haven’t picked up what I was telling about in the opening paragraph here’s the link (  so go read it then come back for more.

What it reminded me is of what it represented, well the idea that it promoted. It might yet not be dead because I’m sure there are people who would like to pick up the work started by a lunatic mastermind. Yet it seemed so powerful at the time but now it is nowhere to be seen, publicly at least. Communism had the same faith, although China is battling as well as North Korea, but the face of China is changing and I’m sure that North Korea will follow soon after. It comes and it goes. The last serious example I’m going to give you is life, we’re born and we die some way down the road that is called life.

Now to a more relaxed bunch of examples. the svastika on my pear, I ate it and I enjoyed it. Many TV shows come and go, some good some bad but they are gone. Like Prison Break, I loved it but couldn’t wait for it to be over.  recently there was Flash Forward which I mentioned earlier in some posts. Unfortunately after the first season they (the producers) killed the show so I’m sad about it, a bit. There are more shows to watch and have fun with. Like this Ray William Johnson’s “Equals 3” show on Youtube…I love when it out for the laugh but can’t wait for it to finish so I can get that furry chap off my screen 😛 (I’m just sayin’).

So now I lost track of what I wanted to write. Hope I catch the idea later. If I do I’ll let you know here, be sure to subscribe and check back for more.

Take care readers.

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