Let’s talk more sports, or not really

Today’s topic didn’t start as a sports topic at all. I wanted to reflect on my crossroads situation having to work out where to head when it comes to choosing a career, but in my time off from thinking I browsed Youtube to see what was popular today.

Apart from a new video by Ray William Johnson my Youtube favorite  I ran across this. A video of Roger Federer probably scaring the crap out of that film crew member. Well that is the side effect of his brilliant display of his tennis skills. Now I must admit that I was never a fan of Roger until he was dethroned by that tennis playing monster named Rafael Nadal whose stare down the field at his opponent usually looks like he’s telling that he’s about to eat him, literally. Now to go back on Roger and his display, here’s the video:

Now another thing that was pretty popular today seemed to be this old lady dancing at a store. Looks pretty cool. She’s probably remembering the good old days when she was the object of her man’s desire which is some 200 years ago. Check the video here.

And one more thing. I took time to read the short biography of the most influential motoring journalist (as he calls himself) Jeremy Clarkson and apart from being a monster that was hugged by Cameron Diaz three times in his life he is also described as someone who possesses a right foot apparently consisting of some sort of lead-based substance, for creating some of the most tortured similes ever committed to television, and for leaving the world’s longest pauses between two parts… of the same sentence. He has never taken public transport. That made me laugh.

Now back to making the decision and doing some other stuff that isn’t really funny. Take care readers.

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