WTF, it’s Flat?!?!

Another day another story. This time another funny one…..or maybe not. Now in the world of marketing to put it simply better commercial better effect. More exposure=better effect (whatever the effect you are looking for). But what if, you’re just trying to be to serious, simple and go a bit wrong?!

Recently I’ve been watching the Travel channel a lot. I figured since I can’t still go places let me at least see where other people go, and maybe chose the most interesting destination to focus on and save up for. So during the commercial brake there is this video clip that shows up pretty often about this  “Live luggage bag”. Now the video itself is a regular presentation of a product, what fascinates me is that the slogan they came up with (when I say they I mean the people who sat down and said let’s do it this way). I’ll give you the link of the clip but don’t bother watching the whole thing, just fast forward to 1:09 and prepare yourself for the most influential sentence in modern marketing. Or ever, the most influential sentence in marketing, ever. “The World is Not Flat”. Now that’s a statement. I watch shows where they brag about British engineering and the product itself is cool, but come on, the world is not flat. I’m holding my thoughts back this time…you really don’t want to read that. (Here’s the link to the video:

But what you might want to read is the new feature on Twitter. The “Who To Follow” feature or simply put, WTF!!! Now we all know what WTF usually stands for so putting it there is like making a double statement. You get a chance to see who everyone else is following but get to ask that same question every time you see someone new. WTF is he/she doing on his/hers list?! Nice one Twitter, way to put a smile on our faces.

So there you go readers. If you ever decide to go travel the world prepare yourself for the shock of your life, because, once you step out that door, the first sentence coming out of your mouth will be: “WTF, it’s flat?!!

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