Weekend review

So another matchday behind us. It been an unfortunate one for us Evertonians but I’m sure our team will pick it up and next time use the chances we create. After all what seems to be a tough away match at Villa next weekend (after the Carling cup match midweek, one we should easily win) doesn’t have to be so frightening.

Not frightening, you might ask, well yes. Being a proud Evertonian I’ like you all to remember last season’s match at Villa Park when they scraped the point in last seconds of the match, again an unfortunate one. And them coming back from a manager loss and that 6:0 hammering as St’ James there might be a chance to use it to our advantage.

Looking back at the Wolves game, there’s not much more to say than we should have won the match easily and I hope Moyes starts playing with two strikers with Cahill behind them, would give us more targets in the box and I’m sure our defense is strong enough to keep it tight at the back. Let’s wait and see. Other than that there was that fine display by Newcastle beating Villa 6:0 and I guess they wanted to show Arsenal and Chelsea who beat Blackpool and Wigan respectively with the same scoreline that they can do it against a fairly stronger opposition. It will be a fun season to see. And I have to mention Man Utd managing a draw at Fulham. Our city rivals are up tonight and I hope they score more own goals.

When it comes to scoring goals here is a little something from the Dutch league. They sure know how to have fun and score lots of goals, like Sparta Rotterdam did against Almere City eventually beating the 12:1 with J. Voskamp getting on the score sheet 8 times. Video bellow.

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