Where do we stand

Seeking identity, our place of belonging, our career, our dreams, our spot in the universe seems to be the necessity of life. Primary point of focus of our existence. Strange how through history of mankind this idea has never changed (forms have, seeking of different aspects of life). So what has changed.

Never have I thought of having such a discussion with anyone, or have I ever thought about it. But recently, through reading some essays in the course of preparing for my final exams I stumbled across interesting topics. Mankind has struggled for power since day one. Through that seeking process went of course only to acquire necessary knowledge in order to move forward in the quest.

In terms of politics, ideologies have been created to keep people under control, to have an excuse to oppress without using force. To marginalize without having to explain themselves (the leading figures of ideology) to the public because the explanation is self imposing, everything outside the mold created, or the pattern followed by the ideology is cut off and neglected. Insufficient and inadequate some might say. Individual efforts to break the mold have usually resulted in defeat. Yet the quest for de-constructing the system of power is ongoing and groups and other individuals have raised their voices louder than before in order to mark their place in the pre-conceptualized society values than have been shifted in recent years yet remain far above anything else.

To bring this closer to the modern reader, take the quest for land speed for example. Cars have been becoming faster and faster every year and we know that the Bugatti Veyron SS, the ultimate creation built for the only purpose of being the fastest production road car ever, serves that cause well and ultimately is at the top off the quest pyramid. But those who wanted to find other ways, who failed in pursuing that goal of speed turned their heads to design, environment effects and created the ultimate product called the car industry. It is not the question of who is faster any more, there are so many boxes to be ticked before you can call a product a car.

What I want to say is that we seek our way forward. Our quest might not result in getting to the pre- conceptualized top but might lead us to the place where we make the top richer and don’t feel exploited. I decided not to go into politics simply because I’m not in the mood of discussing it as the ultimate means in controlling masses and obtaining power which ultimately it is.

In a strange mood today, some lighter reading material soon.

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