My Wife Knows Everything

My faithful readers will remember an earlier post about things women should never ask men, but they usually do and it then results in fierce discussions and exchanges of sentences like, you don’t love, you don’t support me, you don’t notice anything on me and things like that. Well this title says it all (Not that I’m giving them the right to train men……..train men, why…read on, you’ll see).

We’re in for some horse racing and a fun thing happened to mister Larry Collmus who was the commentator of the race at Monmouth Park, Oceanport, New Jersey. The race was decided in the final third of the lap where horses with interesting names to say the least lead the pack and decided the winners. Names you might be interested in were “My Wife knows everything” and “The wife doesn’t know” trained by a woman and a man respectively. In the end it seems like the wife does know everything and the announcer sounded a huge sigh of relief that the race was over and that this woman trains a horse and is not allowed to train men. Some would argue that it would make him a better man, but let’s leave that discussion for some other moment and enjoy the art of commenting a horse race with twisted horse names.

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