Our Stig is NOT for sale!!!

“Some say he doesn’t understand clouds and that his ear wax tastes like Turkish delight. All we know is, he’s called The Stig.” It is a sort of a sentence well known to all Top Gear fans. It is one of many mysterious facts about the tame racing driver who was only ever beaten by the Koenigseg, Reliant Robin, and Rubens Barichello who is apparently accompanied by 25 heavily armored body guards since his last visit to the Top Gear test track.

We all love a good fact about the Stig, like that he only knows two facts about ducks and that both of the are wrong. We all love the mystery developed around that character and what “it” represents. We all know about the blog post of Andy Wilman on Top Gear’s official website which, if some of you haven’t read yet, you can read here. Once you have done it come back here and have your say on this issue which is a big one, unless you’re from Spain and you don’t watch Top Gear….  or from Somalia and you don’t know what Top Gear is… and it is, something rather brilliant.

At the end of Andy’s post you will see this message: “PS Normally we love it when you give us your comments, but as you can imagine we’re in legal land at the minute so I’m afraid it’s a one-way street on this one. Anyway, now you know how we feel.”

Well this blog is not a one way street so I urge you to post your thoughts, and I’ll make sure to send the to leave them in their inbox, among thousands of other e-mails they receive every hour and of course read.


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