System restart

Hello there dear readers. Haven’t been online for a while, on one hand due to the incapability of my internet provider to secure an efficient customers service and on the other hand because I’m lazy as you all know. Well there must be an end of that I decided so in this comeback post I’ll blabber about the spark that made me make a daily routine plan.
See, not that I’m bragging, I have, thanks God for it, been given a number of talents yet one detrimental flaw that has ruined anything I’ve ever started. I’m lazy, I admit. I could have published a book of poetry when I was 16 yet I haven’t done it because I lacked the drive. I could have gone on to start a professional football career yet I bailed out once I got home too dirty and all covered in mud. I took up basketball yet I bailed out again just before the first official tournament, I didn’t feel like going. Anyway, not to go on with my failures and this reverse bragging, I’ve decided to stop all that and start doing things properly. Why, because I failed my exam last week, simply because I choked, and because I was too damn lazy to sit down and read the longest essay. (I did read it, bu parts of it, which was not enough to answer the question that would have given me a pass on the exam).
Anyway, that’s the main reason, there are many more that latch on to it as you start to unfold the story of my life but I will not go into it. Anyway, the system has been reset, a daily routine plan has been made. Bunch of short term goal set and re-set, so let’s get cracking.

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