Best movie you’ve ever seen

I have been away today, I went on a picnic, little barbecue. It was nice, not as nice as it could have been if my favorite people, my friends and my lovely lady but it was good. So if you think I will go on about what I did and how it was, you’re wrong, or you missed the title of this post. It’s about my, or yours or anyones favorite movie.

I actually have a few of those that I really liked. i could never put my finger on one and say it’s my favorite but here is a list of movies I really liked. Don’t mind the order it doesn’t mean that I like one movie the most because I listed it in the first place.

So number one: A Beautiful Mind (2001)

It’s just a movie that’s been acted brilliantly, directed brilliantly also and has such powerful emotional sphere that grabs you and pulls you in. I watched it several times and I just love it.

Number two:  Snatch (2000)

Now this one is plain entertaining. Love the story, love the acting, love the humor put into a serious issue, love everything about it. Watched it several times too.

And third one on the list would be the Slumdog Millionaire (2008).

No wonder this movie won so many awards. A feel good movie of the decade as this picture above says. Not only a feel good movie but a gripping story that makes you wonder, cry, smile and much more….

So what are your favorite movies?

P.S. I’ll write back tomorrow, until then this is Mr. Brick Top saying a few words.

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