Another rainy day

It is weekend, a rainy weekend. And not much has changed over the course of the week. Everything seems to be stuck in a rut. Not moving forward. I guess I’m affected by the weather, in every possible way.

This was supposed to be a happy weekend, first three points in the bag, good game, beautiful weather. It was all the opposite, and it kept getting from bad to worse. Some would say the draw is good, but it really isn’t good enough being last when your first principle is that nothing but the best is good enough. Just recap the action that made the day as bad as ever, Schwarzer kept Ateta’s shot out at the end of the first half, i wasn’t able to watch the last twenty minutes of the game as the link was banned so I missed the torture of watching and was tortured by not knowing what’ going on. It seems like what we have right now isn’t good enough to be among the best, let alone being the best. Things need to change fast, Revolution, Evolution and Devotion were only good marketing tricks, what seems to be happening on the pitch is Deterioration, Disorientation, Zero.

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