The Famous Saying

This quickly became like my diary. Not many things have happened today. Spent my day in front of the computer, sat there working until my bottom went numb. I have a tiny bottom so imagine the pain when blood started rushing back into it. You don’t know whether to laugh or to cry when it happens. This reminded me of that old saying, a simple one, “No pain , No gain”. A cliche used in every high school, sports or achieving story/movie. It has been used more often than anything. And I started laughing. At that point I realized how nature has every answer hidden in it. How everything is exemplified into small things yet carrying such a powerful message. Was a painful day’s work, but it was worth it.

I got my behind back, now it’s only itching . Soon I’ll fall asleep and forget about it. I got my camera to bed with me, don’t know why. I guess the blood rushed south leaving me clueless and leaving that saying lingering in my mind.

Nekad su nam stvari tako blizu pa pobjegnu. Nekad se trudimo toliko ali ne uspijemo na kraju. Jedno moramo shvatiti, koliko god moj primjer bio banalan, ne dozvolite da vas nešto sputa u vašem cilju, radite koliko morate, iako se to ponekad čini nemogućim, nagrada uvijek stigne na kraju.

P.S. Tekstovi su pisani prije spavanja, ujutro ih objavim vama, pisani su davno, ali ne želim da ih sve odmah pobacam na blog, neću da budem dosadan, nadam se da nisam 🙂

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