Rainy Window

I can hear it. It’s falling again. The sound of raindrops is calming, just what the doctor ordered some would say. And even though I’m hidden in the comfort of my room, my bed, to be more precise, I feel like every raindrop is hitting me on the forehead. I’m not in a bad mood, I’m sleepy and I would like to go out and let the rain wash off……

I crossed the next few lines trying to describe what needed washing. I still couldn’t put it to paper. It is as if I have done something terrible, so terrible indeed that no prayer was good enough to take that sin away, and I had to surrender to nature’s way of washing filth away, I felt like that at some point. I felt the need to physically remove things created by imagination, words and actions. To clean abstract that kept tormenting me. To simplify a sentence into a noun that left alone had no context to fit into. As if rain knew grammar.

It stopped suddenly. I’m switching off the flickering light. As much as I’d like that some things haven’t happened, I even more like the warmth of my bed.

One thought on “Rainy Window

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