Vikend Završio

Prvo sam vam mislio pričati o izborima. Ali nekako neću. Jedino što me raduje jeste činjenica da je prestala ona halabuka po ulicama, i kafanske rasprave o tome koji je kandidat bolji, koja stranka ima program, ko je kada ukrao itd. Kako je jedan slogan govorio Narod Zna! Pa je tako bilo i ovoga puta, svako je znao za koga će da glasa, a mnogi su ostali kući, baš zato što su znali sve o kandidatima. Ja sam tu građansku dužnost obavio nekada oko 13 sati. I tu se priča o izborima završava. Pa tako prelazimo na jezik razumljiv onima koji nisu morali na izbore.

So, the weekend is gone, again, can’t wait for the new one to come. This one was kinda fun. Really. See I watched movies, well two movies, and that’s one thing I’ve done this weekend. Expendables and Tekken. Can’t say great movies but both caught my eye for a certain reason. The stars in the Expendables, Stalone, Statham, Jet Li, Lundgren, Rourke even a short visit by Willis and Schwarzenegger. A typical Stalone/Rambo story of total destruction and bravery (directed by Stalone himself).

Tekken was different. I watched simply because it was the only game other than racing games and football managing games I ever played. The story is a bit fussy, not detailed as it could have been, acting good, but not brilliant, I liked it anyway, girls were hot 🙂

And there was another hot thing this weekend. My blues won, finally. It was a tough away trip to Birmingham, a place where no one had won for more than 12 months. Blues did, 2:0. Even better is the fact that we’re off the bottom now and above the Red Sh*** who lost today to Blackpool at home, nice :).

So there goes the weekend, see you soon.

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