Fail well, fail better

It is unusual for someone never to have felt afraid. For me, it is actually impossible. But even though people say that fear is no one’s friend I would not agree. If we are able to find the reasons, understand them then we are able to make that fear go away and even better learn from it.

I always had the fear of failure. Fear of disappointing those whom I love the most and who care about me the most. It has been the greatest fear in my life. But lately I have been finding that small things show bigger pictures, carry large messages and that every course of our life has a coded message ready to be deciphered by our brain. What strikes me is that we tend to look at the big picture, I certainly do, but we/I forget that perfection is in fine details (if there is any such thing as perfection) and that this large picture is made from millions of tiny ones.

I read this saying that you try once and you fail, than you try it again and fail better. I always thought that it meant that the more you try you will fail harder again and again. But those famous saying are strange things, we should learn from our mistakes one says, and we surely should.

I did, I failed in something a while back, yesterday I came back and failed better. But it was a failure out of the ordinary. I came out smiling, happy, with no pressure. What I learned is that once you fail you should re-trace your steps, once you find the weak link, remove it and try again. Failing something doesn’t mean that the world stops there, it means that we have to go back fix our errors and try again until we eventually come out as winners.

That day might sometimes look so far away, but a small success in a better failure is larger than anything and brings you so much closer to your goal. Be persistent, never give up.

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