Who’s right?!

Last night I heard one sentence, the definition of insanity, doing things over and over again the same way, expecting a different result. We all do it it seams, not at the same time but we all do it. Involuntarily, almost mechanically, out of habit. That’s what we are programed to do, that is in our DNA.

Some say that every change is good. Does it mean that changing for the worst is good?! It doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t good, some times we have to fall in order to succeed. As I said in one of the previous posts, we make mistakes to learn from them, in that case, changing back for what seems to be “the worse” is the only way to have another go and succeed.

Main reason why we mostly don’t like changes and keep doing things over and over again hoping for the same result is fear of it, of “the other” as some call it. We’re used to what we have, we’re uncertain of what the difference might bring us, most of us are looking at change as a risk. Bet those who dare, those who take chances are those who determine their own destinies, fail or succeed, they had the audacity to say that what they have is either not enough or inadequate. They changed, some failed, many have not. We now look at them with envy the same way they look at us with pity.

We think they were insane because they risked and changed looking for support in those who failed. They think we’re insane for repeating the same mistakes, for not changing a thing with themselves being their best support, their best and strongest proof that change is good.

So who is right then, us or them?!


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4 thoughts on “Who’s right?!

  1. Insanity, for me, is when we do things that are not bound by reason. If a person decides to change or stay the way s/he is, that is not insanity if it is done so with reason. For me, insanity is when you allow other people to decide for you.

    • Yes but aren’t our decisions mostly prepared beforehand…I mean, aren’t we only left with choices, solutions someone else had already tried before us…so other people don’t have to directly tell you what to do, but their actions and experiences tell you what choices you have, and which route to choose…

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