Angry happiness

Have you ever felt angry and happy at the same time? I am sure that most of you felt that quick transition from one state to the other but I felt angry and happy at the same time.

I will start with happy things first, I came across some great blogs, great ideas and I think (from my first impression) some great people. I have posted links to couple of those at the end of this entry.

One idea in particular stuck in my mind, a video about the need to say useless things at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of every sentence. The worst part is thy by doing that the speaker thinks he/she is adding to his/her level of eloquence. See the video.

I was happy about this being pointed out, because it has become the bragging “item”, people felt proud of this type of “eloquent conversation”, but at the same time it reminded me of my language, even though rather rich as a language it has degraded or the use of its potential has come down into the red zone. Even “highly educated” people use the words such as:

  • “ma” – has no meaning left alone but is used in every other sentence mostly at the beginning to either emphasize the following thought or just to simply serve as an additional word;
  • “ba” – also left alone has no meaning at all but is used in every sentence simply because it has become an iconic “word”, a synonym for Bosnian language. So where does our eloquence intend to go next?!

Another cool blog I found is by a girl named Stephanie, a self-called “quote-collecting machine” whose goal is to share her bits of happy with the world and inspire people to do better. To keep my story going I would have to write what made me feel angry. About this blog, nothing, but the thought that there are not so many people with the same goal did.  Link to her latest blog post is at the end of the entry.

Now there is one more thing, regarding football (soccer). My lads (Everton F.C. the best club there’s ever been) played poorly against a side they should have easily beaten. I was angry when we conceded a goal out of a counter attack, but minutes later I was happy that Fellaini was sent off, because he is becoming a useless, red card-loving, lanky prick, but at the same time again angry that we were down to ten men.

But then Beckford scored a beauty of a goal after Baines won the ball near the corner flag on the far side of the TV camera. He passed it to Beckford at the edge of the box who turned and curled it into the far corner to give us the equalizer. And I just have to mention that it was 93rd minute and it was his first goal for the club. What a goal, and what a time to score it.

At that moment I was pulling my hair out of anger because of the bad display and the red card and jumping of joy because of the goal. Fellaini you pillock, what a win that would have been.

Links to blogs that were mentioned before I had my football fanatic outburst 🙂



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