It isn’t there…

It just isn’t there. The will to sit down, write, take time to reflect on things. I’ve been wandering around, sort of lost, my head down, thoughts blank, it just isn’t there. So many days have past, every time I sat down to post something I sat there watching the screen, nothing came out, just silence.

I usually don’t talk to much, but this silence is never ending. I had to do something to break it. Here I am, in the same mood.

I tried to reflect on the days that have passed. I’ve seen that it’s been a month since I last wrote anything, not only here. I guess that time comes and you just have to go through it. It not like nothing happened in life worth mentioning. Things have happened, I just didn’t feel like mentioning them.

This one was just to let you know I’m still here…alive and kicking…and soon we’ll resume with the “business as usual” scheme.

Best of luck to everyone in whatever you may be doing. It’s freezing cold, I’m off to make me some tea.


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