Counting down the days

Last weekend was so nice, until Sunday came around and I was unable to lift my head out of the bed. But I can’t complain, this year’s flu has taken many prisoners, me being one of them, but it hasn’t taken everything away.

Last Saturday. What a Saturday it was?! We played Chelski at Chelski Bridge and won. My God was I nervous. Was sweating more than I am now, and I have fever, so don’t mind the bollocks I might utter somewhere along these lines.  It took a 119th minute equalizer from Baines and then marvelous goalkeeping by Howard and confident converting by the skipper to see them off, last year’s winners will be winners no more. Bring on Reading.

Last Sunday. I was struggling to look as I was taken down by fever and what not. One half of my body was hot as hell and the other was so cold u could put a polar cap on me and it would freeze over, again. So you might imagine that I barely showed any reaction when Dzeko assisted and then later scored in Man City thrashing of the Notts County in their FA cup replay. I was jumping with joy inside, but had no strength to show it.

Monday was another “regular proceedings” affair, bed, medicine, high temperature, the only thing different is that now every bone in my body was starting to hurt and I couldn’t do much about it as I had no strength left in me to turn over, let alone stand up and walk around the house a bit.

Tuesday until today was a bit of a different story, I was lucky to get rid of the high temperature but still haven’t been able to recover, my head feels woozy, and my vision is not what you would call clear. But again, some great sporting events during these few days made my rather ill days. And before I knew it, new weekend is here.

Other than that, nothing to report. Once I get out of bed completely I’ll try and bring some more joy in here but until then, wish me speedy recovery.

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