Car shows and boyhood dreams

A car enthusiast (in my mind at least as I am yet to own my own car) as I am I couldn’t let the Geneva show go unnoticed this year, no, not now when I have seen so many juicy new pictures of new, shining metal with wheels attached to it, and an engine mostly hidden underneath a bonnet waiting for someone to start it and unleash its fury.

What I am able to do, from the comfort of my home is to have a look around various websites, read comments, check the pictures out and dream as an earthling can, dream…

So, some say the show was stolen by this, the new Lamborghini  going under the name of Aventador. Nice little thing. I’m glad people at Audi have decided to let the Italian 6 year old do the design again because, this is what the Lambo is all about, big, shouty, bonkers…..

Now, my personal favorite was the Alfa Romeo 4C which just, if you ignore the girl looks staggering. I wish someone could tell her to move out of the picture so all the “Alfisti” could have a private moment, or a few of them…

Can’t end without mentioning couple of more reasons for boyhood dreams revival. One of them certainly is the new creation of Pagani. After they finally announced that Zonda is going out of production the new, unpronounceable Huayra is here to make a very small amount of men going through their middle-age crisis, very, very happy indeed.

And last but not the least, swedes have brought a new creation of their own to the show, and what a creation it is. Koenigsegg Agera R is the name of this 1115bhp monster

Add this Weismann Spyder  into the mix and you will have my top five boyhood dream, cars. You can’t call them really cars, they are just so much more than that. All of them as if they came straight from a racing comic. Brilliant….

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