Never stop dreaming

Dream – a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

A short discussion I had yesterday with a friend of mine brought me to this, a question, whether we had dreams just to have them or we had dreams because we wanted more from life, because we wanted to turn them into reality.

I pondered over it for a little while. Woke up and went about my daily chores and came across something that should have been done a while ago, but was put aside and forgotten. Every thing I, at least, plan on doing or set as a goal has the spectrum of possible paths to achieving that goal set before me and worked out to the detail in order not to allow any mistakes or glitches during the process of accomplishing the task. Now that is a daily routine, small things that allow you to look forward to tomorrow knowing that you have done all things possible to make it easier, pleasant and enjoyable, or the struggle more bearable. I fell ill at some point, and most of those daily routines went into dust as I had no strength nor will to do anything, let alone my daily tasks. That painted a picture a bit differently.

See, as children we all had dreams. Becoming a pilot, an astronaut, a racing driver, professional athlete and many different things but as a child all you have are dreams and possibilities of making them into reality are few and far between. But does that mean that by growing older we have to abandon them? Most of us have gone on to become what they dreamed about, but they persevered, haven’t allowed the thought of “those were all childish dreams” ruin their path planned years back during their childhood. By abandoning your childhood dreams you abandon your childhood, you turn away from who you are, turn into someone else, live someone else’s preconceived instructions of how to live, you, as yourself, die.

I am one of those who strayed off that path. I succumbed to the daily routines by simply saying “I need to provide in order to make life easier tomorrow”. That thought there is the biggest mistake a man can make. I’m not saying that I’m unhappy, or not satisfied with the way things are going, but I know that they could be a lot better had I not stopped dreaming. Those who dared dreaming are now living their dreams, those who stopped are wishing they never stopped. Those who dream are truly alive….

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