Just a bad copy

It is easy to say that the USA is he promised land, the land of opportunities and things like that. But few dare saying that it just a land of bad copies made larger, flashier and with far less substance. What I say is that they are good at making cars that run in straight line ….I wanted this to be a huge rant, but I can’t make it happen. In the middle of me writing this, an episode of House MD started on TV so I had to watch it and I lost the original thought. Progressive writing…lol.

Anyway, few things are still on my mind. When it comes to bad copies I can’t go into every single detail. I can only talk about what I’ve seen or understood. I got my hands onto a first season of Top Gear US. Following that bigger is better policy I thought that they might make Top Gear more fun, more, entertaining, more explosive. Well, they didn’t.

1. The Presenters

Tanner Foust sounds great, is a chisel-jawed, tiny framed, great drifter/driver but he is just too nerdy when it comes to cars. He is only a driver, not a presenter.

Rutledge Wood is supposed to be a chubby silly, lovable presenter but he just isn’t, I’m sorry, no matter how competent he is, in my mind he just doesn’t fit the bill.

Adam Ferrara a comedy man, typical American Italian. Probably put there to make all the funny comments and remarks, to make everything explode or to do all the shouting. He’s just to posh to do all that. Again, in my mind, that doesn’t cut it.

And when it comes to the show itself I could not miss the fact that what they tried to do is put all the great challenges from so many years of the original Top Gear and shoe horn them into one season. Come on, where is the originality. Everything, just a pure copy, and I must say a rather bad one.

So if the thought went away due to an episode of House which makes me chuckle it also made me come up with another comment to end this post with. Please, stop making bad copies, stay original, do what you do best, make things bigger and get fat.


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