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It’s been a while since I last wrote about movies. That topic was about The Best Movies (in my opinion) and El Secreto De Sus Ojos. This post is a bit different, relates to one I wrote a couple of days ago concerning bad copies and some new good movies I’ve watched.

Setting the tone is something I’ve been quite irritated with in recent years. It is the inexhaustible drive to make movies on a certain topic. I understand music or dance both give a never ending array  of possibilities but copying something from A to Z is really so low. Now I must admit that I loved those dance movies like You Got Served or Step Up, I even liked the third installment of Step Up which in one part backs the idea that dance (and music with it) can change things, get the whole generation going with one move like Elvis or Michael Jackson did, it can give someone hope.

Again I have to agree, it helps me unwind, helps me recharge from time to time, but why take something so beautiful, utilize it so badly to the point of uselessness. I am talking about, I guess a low budget  reincarnation of Eminem’s 8 Mile. Even the name of the movie immediately shows the lack of originality. It is called Step Off and it is basically 8 Mile that got a bad twist on it. Leading and supporting actors switch colors. Main character is black and his manager/friend is white. The girl our main character falls in love with is black too ( I am not being racial if someone is asking) and it’s not about rapping but producing this time. The movie even starts the same way with the main character going to the bathroom and looking in the mirror before he gets thrashed by some other guy in an underground producer’s battle club. So lame.

There were more bad copies but I’ll mention only one: Death at a Funeral. The original was hilarious, the copy, not really, it’s basically the same but only black. Names involved in the copy are huge Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence but that is not the guarantee that your movie will turn out a success.

Some did come off good. Adam Sandler acted in The Longest Yard, a remake of the Mean Machine. The movie was done properly the idea and the plot were copied, but still it had it’s own twist and fun about it that made you like it.

But enough about copies. There is one more movie I’d like to talk a bit about, The Mechanic.  Mr, Statham in his familiar role of a pedantic assassin, best in the business as always, does a job which he regrets and turns against the ones who ordered the kill. Not to spoil the show for those who want to watch the movie and I do recommend it I will not say much more than, he gets the job done. Happy days.

So that’s it for today I guess. Longer than usual but sometimes bad things have to be, at least,  touched on so they don’t repeat.

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