A dream of Europe

It has been a weekend packed with sports. Football mostly. And to be honest it is the only sport that I?m really interested in at the moment, as the end of the season is getting closer and that little bit of hope has been woken up again inside every blue hart. We’re close, again….

I do have to start with a motor sport flash, Vettel has won a Formula 1 race, again, so that’s the rest of the news and now back to the good stuff. Another PL Matchday is behind us, well almost. It seems as if Man Utd has ran away with this season’s title, which can be shown on their approach to every game, they seem to be playing as much as it is needed. The race is hotting up for the places behind them, and in the relegation battle.

Tottenham have put pressure on Man City and Chelsea. Chelsea have managed to scrape a win against Wigan, who still have a chance to stay in the league, but it seems ever less likely. Arsenal have won away at Bloomfield and keep the pole position for the second place. Chelsea sre third with City breathing down their necks and having a chance to a.) with a win away against Liverpool keep in contention for second place, and b.) put more pressure on Liverpool who are under pressure again from their fiercest rivals The Mighty Everton for that 6th spot that seems to be the final place for European competitions.

Fine finishing in the first half from Beckford, Neville ( a beauty) and Billy the Kid ( a screamer) secured three points which means that David Moyes’ team has now won four in their last six with two draws which brings them to only one point behind Liverpool. It has put a dent into Wolves’ survival chances but with the last 8 teams packed closely together it’s anybodies race.

Anyway, to go back to our beloved blues, you would not be a fan if you didn’t start dreaming of Europe. What would be brilliant is if City beat them tonight. The race is already on, but that would put them under pressure, and with our in-form team I think we would finish ahead of them, knocking them out of European competitions in the next season.

So even though City fans don’t like us (with a reason, for so many years we’ve been beating them, and we don’t have any reason to like them either) but tonight let’s cheer on the other blues, the one’s who can put matters into our hands. We will repay them with another 2:0 win when they come to Goodison later on.

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