First drive

Remember the first day you got your driving licence? Do you remember your first drive? Girls might hate me for this, but I’m sure many will understand, it’s not only girls, guys are the same. I was looking out the window the other day (to get to the point) and I saw this blue car going by. A blue Renault Grand Scenic. It would be just like any other car driving by but I for a few reasons , this one was special. A girl was driving, she was going slow, and looked excited, gritting her teeth. One hand on the steering wheel and the other on the gear stick. Don’t know if she wanted to hide her fear or she though that it would make her look more cool or confident or she just likes to hold it in her hands. Anyway, she really looked stiff and her dad sitting next to her, wasn’t of much help either. He was like a stone statue, one arm on the edge of the seat, close to the handbrake, probably ready to pounce, and his face was, well how should I put it, looked proud but as if he was looking straight into the eyes of a disaster.

And mom, oh my God, that was just amazing. She had such an expression on her face, a mix of fear, excitement, worry. She was holding a boy next to her with her left hand and grabbing the passenger seat with her right. She was leaning forward trying to see where they were going and trust me she looked terrified. My luck was that the girl was driving so slowly so that I was able to see all this, and that this was obviously such a talented family when it comes to grimacing.

My family doesn’t have that talent, but I do remember my first drive well. I was terrified to. I guess I tried to exert confidence by driving faster, but actually I was to scared to be able to control the gas pedal properly. I almost caught up with a guy in front of me. Luckily my dad screamed some sense into me. And I can still remember my day on my first drive, the first time I saw him put a seat belt on. I guess he was more scared than me. It all went fine though, until I hit a car reversing in the parking lot. Luckily no big damage, and that was my only accident ever.

I just hope this girl has my luck, or even better, hope she never even scratches her car, and not only her but every other driver. And one more thing, drive as fast as you want people because speed doesn’t kill, suddenly becoming stationary is what gets you. 

P.S. Girls can drive too 😉

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