It is a strange thing, to look someone in the eye and tell the exact thing that comes to your mind. The reaction your feet achieves is remarkable. Sometimes you don’t have to say a thing and still you tingle out a smile, or anger. But your qualities are the ones that allow you to enter, or remain distanced.

World is revolving in circles, in many ways. One life ends for another to begin. One day becomes darkness for the night to give birth to another day, a never ending revolving story. But those are natural occurrences. Artificial one, created by humanity, are the ones i struggle with.

They are formed selectively. In order to enter one of the circles, you have to have certain characteristics. If not you’re distanced. If you do posses what’s necessary you can join the select few who enjoy or suffer inside the circle.

Best quality is not to be taken in by any of those, but be able to find a way to look someone in the eye and know whether they want you inside or better yet, whether you want in.

I had a great day today, balancing my way on the outlines of various circles. Most of my life has been like Twister, had a part of me in every circle, of any color. Today I’m outside, looking from a different perspective. Not picky, just enjoying on the edge of everything…

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