What are you thinking?!

I’ve had a post about this last year, about questions women should not ask their men, ever. It didn’t go down well with he ladies simply because they can’t give up one habit, and that’s asking the damn question: “What are you thinking?“. They just can’t give it a rest.

Recently I watched a video of a stand up comedian Ed Byrne who, among other things, touched on this topic. I showed it to my girlfriend who, well as every girl loves asking that question, and she didn’t really like it. She said that she just has to know, as if there is something important to know.

I heard the same thing from my sister, she said that if she avoided that question something would happen to her, like a heart attack or something like that.

Anyway, as Ed Byrne said you just should avoid that question, give the only thing that’s left in the department of privacy to us, leave it. Can that be exclusively ours? And even if we’d tell you what we think at the moment of you asking the question, if we are thinking anything at all it really isn’t anything worth mentioning. We think about being pilots, super heroes or how it would be like to stick our arm into lion’s mouth. See, nothing worth your constant interrogation.

Anyway just watch the videos, and have a great, funny day. 

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