The Vision

It is something you should never lose. I understand that beginning a text this way with an “It is something….” is not a regular way of starting a presentation of a thought, I have heard or read this somewhere, but it is irrelevant to the topic I am presenting right now, because, what ever you imagine, whatever you envision is what you should do. And if you feel that you should do things one way or the other, within the preconceived rules and boundaries or outside of those it is a choice you make, it is your decision.

I have been bad at following my visions, i stop and stare, imagine and plan, but everything ends where it started, in my head. I have so many times said to myself I will follow this road, I will do this, or do that, I have even written things here that I was supposed to do and that I was determined to do, things I will stick to, but I didn’t. It is obviously a part of who I am, an unfinished project.

But share my experience then, as it has shown me that regret is a bad feeling to have once you miss the opportunity that comes your way and you sit it out. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth if you realize that it is something that could turn things around in your life and you don’t say a word. I wanted to be many things, I became none of those.

Instead I?m dreaming of a new one. dreaming up a new project, a new marvelous idea that will make the sun shine brighter and make the grass greener in my world. Only thing I can rely on is hope, so I hope I don’t leave it all just a dream.

You on the other hand, if you’re reading this have found yourself in a place where opportunities are not few and far between as here where I’m at. You have a chance to pick and choose, but be careful, even though a chance might come more often it doesn’t mean that the same opportunity will come more than once or twice (if you’re lucky). Take a shot at the first the first opening and go for it, if it doesn’t work at least you know you’ve tried. and don’t dwell on your failure, let it be your force in making yourself better and going harder again at the next opportunity. That feeling of failure has a good side, regret doesn’t.

Take care readers, take care.

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