Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Year, Never….

Before I start on the topic I must bring one more song to the review show. Well this one I found couple of nights ago on my usual search for some hot remixes and well this one topped the lot as I’ve been listening to it for the past 72 hours, it’s been on constant repeat on every music player I have….

On a more serious note, I got struck by another fact of my negligence. I went on reading some of the “Freshly Pressed” posts on WordPress and came across one called “Last Year“. First I thought it’s just another review of the past year but what I found is that it’s filled with “what if” questions, the questions you start asking yourself in those moments of regret.  To quote the mentioned post: “What if 2012 were your last year, your last chance at leaving your mark or doing something great or crossing out every item on your bucket list?“. So really what if?

I mean, we go on doing things but leaving so many undone. The worst sentence you can say i: “I’ll do it tomorrow”. My life has been full of those sentences, of tomorrows, next weeks, and it all ends up in next year or never, usually never.

I read that post in a pretty interesting moment. I have an opportunity to leave the tomorrows and never, behind and grab the the chance that is given to me. The thing is, it is a drastic change, and as soon as it was presented to me, millions of what ifs came to my mind and what those what ifs do is just pin you to one place and at the end of the year you look back and say the biggest what if, the one saying what if I haven’t squandered that chance?

We worry to much about consequences, about conditions, about this or that and it all ends up in regret, and I’ve had my fair share of it. I know the decision might be wrong but only time will tell, but I rather regret failure then regret never trying.

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