Three presidents for three groups of people

Remember the usual opening scenes of a romantic movie. Someone, mostly a beautiful girl, wakes up in the morning, stretches looks through the window than, looks back over her shoulder onto her boyfriends naked back…well that has nothing to do with this post, nor do such scenes happen in my country. You see, I live in a place where three presidents switch places every six months in their best effort to play a game called “Pretend president”, and where every two years elections are being held so that the blind can give those “players” another mandate to play with our lives.

I am not the one to raise my voice constantly, but then again, most of the people here are the same. We want to change something once in a blue moon. Even then we don’t change many things, mostly nothing but just shout wrong things at wrong people, and after we’ve released all the tension, we go back to being our usual self.

Last night just before I went to bed I had this story written in my mind, but I can tell you right now, it looked, and sounded a lot different, I’d say, better. Nevertheless, it still has the same message, we live in a place where paradox is a way of life.

See, if you’re wealthy you’re branded a criminal. If you’re not wealthy you’re just a lazy git who spends most of his time sleeping, pretending to be someone else, spend the money your father or mother gives you and go back to bed feeling well aware of your emptiness, yet being proud of what you’ve achieved that day, which is a big nothing.

So if you were to divide people in my country into groups, you’d have 70% of the lazy gits, 20% of relatives and 10% criminals.

Let me now try and explain it a bit more clearly. I’ve put the majority of people into the “lazy gits” group for one reason. We here live by one rule which in our language would state: “Nek komšiji crkne krava.” Literal translation of this would be: “May thy neighbor’s cow die.” I guess that from that you can conclude that we are more concerned about making our neighbors look bad, than make ourselves look good. And once trouble arrives we blame it all on the “criminals”. Even though we did nothing for the better of our family, and all for the worst of our community. So why would someone else wish you well if you’re being an idiot degrading yourself.

“Criminals” are divided into three groups. Politicians, big shot criminals and a handful of hard working men who managed to sustain a healthy business in a very unhealthy environment. Businessmen who made it big here are Donald Trump material.

“The relatives” are the easiest group to explain. They are simply the lucky relative of the above mentioned group of “Criminals.”

Those more familiar with the situation would say that three presidents are because there are three constitutive ethnic groups, which is in itself a very complicated topic, but in any case they’d be wrong. It doesn’t matter to which ethnic group you belong we are all being deceived the same way, for so many years now, and the sad thing about this is that, none of us will do anything about it. Even if someone tries to change something, he’ll be branded as an aspiring “criminal” and silenced immediately.

We don’t need politicians to lead us here. We, ourselves have created an environment in which they can do whatever the hell they want, we take care of their business ourselves, sadly it is all in their favor. And when they say: “We’ve tried. You didn’t let us”, we should believe them because this society doesn’t like change. This society likes to moan about the necessity of change, and that’s about it.

And the sad country i live in is Bosnia and Herzegovina. A beautiful country rich in history, natural wealth and beauty that’s being neglected by the worst group of human parasites alive.

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