Have you ever found yourself talking to a 3-yearold thinking; “How the hell am I going to answer that?” And their questions are as simple as they get yet we fail to answer many of them.

At that age those little bundles of seemingly endless energy are at the peak of the innocent curiosity which urges them to ask so many questions starting with why? But when you look at it closely, they fulfill the first purpose of a question and that is getting a specific answer or result. So they want to know why the grass is green, why is snow white, why does it rain from time to time, or why mom and dad are making strange noises at night. Those are all questions we should have an answer to. But with time the innocent curiosity stops and we start asking questions looking for deeper meaning, trying to discover mysteries of the world. Questions are still simple, the answers are getting more and more complicated.

But it is not the mysteries of our existence that bother the average Joe. An average Joe remains almost innocent and keeps asking the same simple questions looking for the most simple answers he can get. To be honest I’ve just caught myself asking the most irrelevant, yet time consuming question: “Do people have a tendency to turn towards, or away from the showerhead? Almost immediately I asked myself, why the hell would I even come to think about it with more important issues being left unanswered. Well, if i were to ask why many of us don’t have a job, I know that the most common answer would be: “Duh…it’s the economy.” And then it would become an endless struggle trying to explain all the reasons.

The first response after i got a bit side-tracked with the “serious issue” was: “It doesn’t matter how they turn, this is a type of question that allows our mind to be free in the sea of endless irrelevance. It is those questions that allow us to relax, smile after we realize that we’ve spent 15 minutes pondering on something of no importance at all.”
It is that smile and the shake of a head that is the most satisfying result of that question.

So it doesn’t matter what you ask if the end result brings a smile on your face. We have become obsessed with the dreary “truths” of today, which made us forget that people can be kids even when they grow up, be careless, free, curious in an odd way and be happy.

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