Writing Tips

writers-block-1024x7681Writing is a passion but also can be a lot of hard work. Many start and fail, not because they don’t have it in them but because of the lack of persistency. Hobby writers/bloggers like myself have no real pressure, but people who make a living out of writing have a tough burden to carry around. In those few year of “public” writing I have encountered barren spells and rather productive spells of creativity. The question of maximizing your potential are the ones we all ask and try to answer. Avoiding writer’s blocks, which, according to some don’t exist, and lot more say it does, is one of the problems many encounter. In this post I will try and present a few simple steps to writing.  Some are the results of research and some are fruits of my own experience, and I hope they are helpful to all those who come across this post.


Not everyone has the ability to write about every possible subject, and those who have are frankly, geniuses. The easiest way to produce a written work of higher quality is to find something that motivates you truly in life and write about it. Putting those feeling to paper is easier when you talk about something that makes you move.


This is a tip I came across in a movie El Secreto En Sus Ojos. An Argentinian movie from 2009 about a man writing a novel and he uses a simple trick of having a notepad next to his bed. He writes anything that comes to his mind when he turns off the lights be it a sentence or even a word. It is simple enough to use our phones in order to note anything that comes to our mind and transfer it later into a short story, poem or even a novel.


This doesn’t have to be done in one day. You can shuffle around a few ideas and chose one you think suits you the most. During the short research for this post I came across I site with an integrated Plot Scenario Generator. It is easy to use and you have tons and tons of possibilities to chose from.  You can find the Plot Generator here. And not only that, you’ll find a lot more useful stuff on that website.


After I finished reading a book “Rooftops of Tehran” by Mahbood Seraji I contacted the author by an e-mail asking about the book and about writing tips. At that time I was reading a lot but not writing, let alone posting something, on the blog. The advice I got was exactly the same as the subtitle says – READ A LOT, WRITE EVEN MORE. It was followed by a version of the first tip I wrote here and that is first to research what makes you comfortable to write about and what motivates you, than read as much as you can of that genre and also write whenever you get the chance.

I wholeheartedly hope these tips are helpful to anyone who comes on here. Do visit again, subscribe, follow, rate and comment it is very much appreciated.

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