Dacia To Run In STCC


A heavily modified 2013 Dacia Logan will race in this year’s Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC).

After the custom Duster-based rally car for Pikes Peak, Dacia is ready to tackle the STCC with a new car based on the second-gen Logan. Under the hood it has a V6 engine producing more than 400 BHP (298 kW) sent to the rear axle through a 6-speed sequential transmission.

There are no performance figures available right now but most likely this is a seriously quick car taking into account it weighs just 2,425 lbs (1,100 kg). Further tuning will be conducted in the wind tunnel followed by a series of tests prior to the start of the season scheduled for May 3-4 at Knutstorp circuit. Eight races are planned, with the last one programmed for September 21.


Source: STCC

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