Death In The Woods (Part II)

I you haven’t read the part one of this short story (might grow into something bigger) then please do before reading this part II. Here is the link to part I.

This was only Stewart’s fourth day as a detective for The Ville Police Department. He hated rain in any shape or form and having to come up the mountain in this downpour was his envisioning of hell. He loved the sun and still could not believe he allowed the Chief to talk him into relocating here. But he was one of the rare breed of good cops in this country and he gave a promise to himself that he will do everything he can to weed out the corrupt officers from this corruption infested country. A healthy police department was the foundation for a healthy legal system he believed.

He showed his badge to the attending officer and walked under the yellow tape that surrounded the crime scene. Forensics were already on the spot collecting all the evidence they found on the spot. He noticed many markings on the ground, but saw that the victims were both in the white Ford Fiesta.

A double murder sir- said one of the forensics. Seems like they managed to kill each other in the same moment.

Words like “seems” and “looks like” were a trigger for Stewart. He hated prejudice and preconceptions about the events that happened. He wanted the final result to be as solid as a rock. His investigations left no margin for error. He wanted everything to be 100% sure. So he had a walk around the car. Passenger window was cracked with a bullet hole in the upper left corner of the window. He measured the angle and it seems like the shot came from the diver’s mid section. That would be consistent with the forensic’s story that the driver shot while holding his gun pointing upwards from his waist. The mortal wound on the passenger was another shot from the same weapon. The gun entered in the left cheek area and came out above the right ear, leaving another bullet hole on the roof of the car. Right now all pointed to a solid case of murder. But he will wait for the results of the forensics investigation to be sure.

The driver was stabbed twice in the chest. – said the forensic again, looking in from the other side of the car.

You will see, sir, that the victim on your side is still holding the knife in his hand.

Yes, I see that. Well, finish up checking the inside of the car and bring me the results please. And sorry I didn’t hear your name.

Alden, sir. – said the forensic.

Ok, Alden. I’m Stewart, and we will be working closely together to solve this case. Now, show me what are those markings on the ground.

Well, we found six sets of sole markings. One of those sets belong to our first witness. He is brother of one of those victims, sir. John Muller. He was brother of the driver, whom we have identified as James Muller, 32 years old, sir.

Stop calling me sir, Alden. I prefer my name more. Where is the witness, I want to talk to him.


Joe could not sleep. As was the case with his mother. He knew James was doing some shady business, but he wasn’t interested in it as James barely ever talked about it, and it looked like James was working on getting back closer to his family. He bonded closer with his brother John and his cousin Jordan. At that point Joe stopped his stream of thought and realized that the J letter was going through their family. Surely not a coincidence, but was not a definite reflection of the closeness of their family. It was a family torn apart during the war. After it finished everyone was looking out for themselves, growing further apart. He knew that his mother will not rest until she finds out what really happened. He was about to launch an investigation of his own. He knew that the police in this country was not to be trusted.

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