Have Your Say Contest

Hello world! I have been away for a couple of days so I haven’t posted anything new. But I have a few poems coming up, and part three of the “Death in The Woods” (several short stories that might turn into a 20ish page short crime novel). Anyway, my last post was a poem named “Fear Not My Love” which came about after I decided to make something like a contest on this blog.

Details of the contest are following:

1. Every day of the week I will give a certain topic and post a poem or a short story on that topic.

2. You decide whether you will write a short story or a poem and post it on your blog.

3. Post your links in the comment section of my original post.

4. Try reading all the works posted in the comments section of my original post by visiting the respective blogs (otherwise the next step would make no sense)

5. Vote, by giving the thumbs up to the link you liked the most and by the end of the week I will Re-Blog the poem/short story with the most votes (the prize is the satisfaction of being voted the best for the week).

As I say my first poem and topic was “Fear not My Love” so go ahead and write on that topic and post your links in the comments section. Have fun all and enjoy.

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