Death In The Woods (Part III)

Part I:

Part II:

Stewart walked over to John who was sitting in an ambulance car trembling under a blanket. He was soaking wet.

John Muller? My condolences young man. I’m detective Stewart from the Ville PD, I need to ask you a few questions.

Go ahead sir – said John.

He could barely speak as he was so cold. His pale skin and almost white hair made him look more like a ghost than a living being. Unlike his brother he was 180cm tall, and skinny. Stewart could not see much under the blanket. John was trying to get himself warm without any success. The police kept him there in the cold rather then driving him to the station immediately. No one even bothered to close the door of the ambulance vehicle.

I understand that you are  related to James Muller? – started Stewart.

Yes, sir, I am. I am his brother.

Why were you here John? – asked Stewart again. He was sure that James asked him to keep an eye on the proceedings from a far.

James told me he is going to meet with Ron, but he told me that they were both called to come together by another man. He didn’t know who that man was, but he threatened them that he will take over their turf in a rather hostile manner if they don’t cooperate. He wanted me to keep a lookout for anyone else coming or going down this road. It leads into the woods , so if a car came through up the hill, it had to come down the same road. I haven’t seen anyone sir. All I heard were 3 shots. That is when I called the police.

Did you run up here immediately? – interrupted Stewart

No, sir. James ordered me to wait a little bit. He had his gun with him so I was hoping it was him who shot. I expected him to come down here and pick me up. But after a while I realized that he was not coming. I went up there five minutes after I heard the shots. That is when the police came and arrested me. The fastest I’ve ever seen them arrive at a crime scene. Like they knew I was going to call them.

Ok, John, thank you. We will continue our conversation down at the station.

Like we always do. – said John ironically.

Stewart turned away pretending he didn’t hear the last comment. He knew himself that even if the shooting had happened in the town center the police wouldn’t have arrived in less than 15 minutes. They arrived here after only 10 minutes. And even with the best patrol vehicle available they would not be able to come in less than half an hour.

Alden, have you talked to John already – asked Stewart.

No, I was only working on the victims, one of the officers did the interrogation. Looks like he is the prime suspect, sir.

There you go with the “looks like” Alden. And you are still calling me sir.

The officer in question had already left the scene. He knew that Stewart was going to look for him. He needed to get his story straight. John had to take the fall.

Mr. Stewart. – called Alden smiling.

I knew these two men personally. This is a small town you know. James was a drug lord of some kind, so was Ron. The other victim.

Yes Alden, get to the point.

John, could not have done it. He loved James. James kept him off the drugs for the past couple of months, trying to get him clean. He took him under his wing. We haven’t had any problems with John for the past few months. Prior to that he was, a regular visitor, so to speak, at the station.

Thank you Alden, I will look further into it.

And Stewart, I found four sets of footsteps. I identified 3, both our victims were out of the car, one set was John’s. I will have to cross examine the fourth set at the station, when I find my camera.

Your camera – asked Stewart

Yes, can’t find my camera anywhere.

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