Whose side is it?

Hello world. I don’t know how many times have you fell asleep with your partner, or let your partner go to bed before you, only to find that there is really no space for you on your pillow. Ever since we got married my wife has been using my pillow even though she has her own. Now I don’t mind, but recently she has been taking more and more liberties. When we got married we had matching pillows… women and aesthetics. Since I couldn’t sleep well on the pillow she chose I got back to my old pillow which is really thin. After finding out that my pillow is the best thing since sliced bread my wife slowly started edging onto it, and now she started hinting at the possibility of taking it for good. Couple of days ago she found this picture and posted it on my Facebook Timeline. Note to the unmarried, this is the truth that awaits you. Have a good day people.


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