Death In The Woods (part V)

Joe leaned onto the fence separating Philip’s Grill from the road. Images of his childhood flashed by. Grill was located just a few meters away from the exact spot where his father’s car failed him for the first time in his life. He remembered the old green Skoda 120. He remembered the day it overheated simply because it’s engine was in the back and him and his little sister couldn’t stand the heat. Across the road was the Town Hall building. 3 story workers building. Like any other in the Ville. To the left the narrow road snaked through numerous houses built in the ottoman style, and to his right tall buildings rose. Like he was standing at the turn of the century. A point where one culture ended and another began.

The Ville was a small miners town with the population of about 8000. Before the war it was the main spot for miners and lumberjacks. Miners dug out coal and ore. It was surrounded by 4 mountains on each side and it resembled a bowl. looked from above it was like a river of cement and concrete flowing through a green canyon.

They don’t come ’till noon. None of the idiots bothers. They get paid whether they get to work on time or don’t show up at all. It’s the same everywhere. I don’t have to tell you that, right? – said Pip, coming out of his Grill.

Joe just looked at him. Philip was looking across the road at the City Hall, with despise.

But to be honest, as much as I despise them, they are my best customers. They spend half of what they earn right here. Eating and drinking all day, so I can’t really complain. But they haven’t bothered helping other people. Mines have been closed since the war and no one even tried to them. It is a huge project but still no one bothered.

I know Pip. I remember the noise when work finished. 16:00 was the time rivers of tired men marched through these streets going home. You do know I spent my summers here Pip. But, that’s the past. Now, I need to see that detective.

Well I made a few calls, said Philip, pointing to the phone in his hand. Stewart is the name of the man you’re looking for. He comes to work at 8:00 sharp so you’ve got enough time to take a stroll by the river to the police station. He drives a blue Audi so you can “bump” into him at the parking lot.

Thanks Pip. Hopefully he doesn’t mind strangers “bumping” into him.

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