City That Drowned

 Argentinian “City That Drowned” Lago Epecuen was hidden under water for almost three decades. Due to a recent drop in water level ruins and remains surfaced, revealing the terror beneath. The city was flooded without any warning after a period of extensive rainfall which resulted in city remaining under 10 meters of water.

1500 of city’s inhabitants barely gathered their clothes and managed to run away from the disaster, and now after the water went away we can see images of various items that remained submerged.  The gallery bellow displays images of, what once was a famous Argentinian holiday destination.

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I have always been fascinated by the power of nature and sites such as these are the places I would like to visit. One day I hope to make it over there. Until then, I can read about it and admire the images like the ones in the slideshow above.

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