Poets are not fun! (A Rant-or something like that)

I haven’t gone on a ranting rampage for a while now. And this might not be a true rant because I might be trying to find excuses for myself while ranting at the others. However, as the title says, poets are not fun. It is just my opinion, may not be true, but I’ll still put it out there.

I have been writing poetry for about 14 years now, in patches, yes, but it’s been 14 years. I love doing it, I enjoy doing it and it i a way of relaxation. But then again, it is not my understanding of fun. Being a poet gives you a lot, but then takes away even more. See, my idea of fun is driving a mountain bike downhill, or a car very fast. Trekking or cross country running. Doing all sorts of sports. I do n0t see a true poet being an athletic type. I see true poets more like an introvert, well read book work who finds joy in being alone, usually on drugs, in order to create lyrical masterpieces that generations who follow will spend years and years in trying to understand.

That raised another question in me last night. Not all poets use psychedelic substances in order to gather inspiration, best often find inspiration in the world around them. I’m nowhere near the best, but that is the way I find my inspiration. So does that make me less fun? Me, who goes cycling through the woods on a daily basis? By my definition of being fun, that is a plus. But getting up late at night because I saw a beautiful full moon through the window, to write a poem is not fun, again, by my previous definition of fun.

So, help me fellow bloggers, help me understand. Maybe it is just the heat that is affecting my judgement. It rarely goes beyond 36 degrees Celsius in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today it went beyond 40. So I may not be thinking straight.

Poets are not fun. And it is not fun that my definition of fun now seems flawed, because as a “part-time” poet, I’m somehow in both categories and if being a poet isn’t fun then I can’t be fun even though I am fun? Help, it’s hot out here….

2 thoughts on “Poets are not fun! (A Rant-or something like that)

  1. I am so happy I’m not a poet! 🙂
    Well, I may write something that you could call poetry, but I am no poet. So that makes me fun, right? 😉

    O, well. In my opinion poets (real poets) are mostly people who have gone through a lot or experienced a lot. They start writing to relieve their souls. So it won’t be always pretty or fun what they are writing. But I do believe you can find a bit of peace and healing in writing.
    Of course it bugs me to get out of bed in the middle of the night because I’m haunted by a great idea I have to write down. No, that’s not fun. But when I read it the next day and can create something I love because of what I wrote down in the middle of the night, Now that’s fun!
    Lots of love,

    • It was because of such a “midnight moment of brilliance” that I developed this “flawed” theory…fun is what you make fun so it all depends on a personal perspective….thank you for reading Patty.

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