Gems of My Beautiful Country

If you ever asked yourself where I am from here is the answer. That country is called Bosnia and Herzegovina and it sits in the western Balkans. It is a small country but it is rich in natural beauties and one of such beauties will be presented in this post. Hidden at the altitude of 1160 m is a place called Rostovo. “Air Spa” as some of the visitors call it boasts the nickname of Bosnian Schwarzwald with all its hills and valleys and old houses. Besides the recreational content which came into prominence with the opening of a sports and recreation park for the need of the 1984 Winter Olympic Games the village of Rostovo hides a fairy tale natural setting that was kept  hidden away from fancy magazines  by the fact that the name of Bosnia and Herzegovina has usually been connected to the depictions such as poor, war -thorn, corrupt country.

This Gem of history and nature is a true heaven for all the nature lovers and I do welcome you all who intend on visiting this neck of the wood. Be my guests!


2 thoughts on “Gems of My Beautiful Country

  1. What a beautiful looking place! I love traveling to lesser known places and this looks like an awesome one to add to the list! Thanks for sharing your beautiful country.

    • You’re welcome, and of course I invite you, and all the others to come visit. I will post a lot more beautiful places from my country. Trust me there are many more!

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